Jean-Marc Valin, Ph.D.


Opus Audio Codec

Opus 1.2

Opus 1.2 demo

This demonstrates the improvements and new features in Opus 1.2 compared to version 1.1. It also includes audio samples comparing to previous versions of the codec.

Opus 1.1

Opus 1.1 demo

This describes the quality improvements that Opus 1.1 brought over version 1.0, including improved VBR, tonality estimation, surround improvements, and speech/music classification.

Daala Video Codec

A Deringing Filter For Daala... And Beyond

Deringing demo

This demo describes the new Daala deringing filter that replaces a previous attempt with a less complex algorithm that performs much better. Those who like to know all the math details can also check out the full paper.

Perceptual Vector Quantization (PVQ)

PVQ demo

This demonstrates the Perceptual Vector Quantization technique currently used in Daala and inspired from the Opus codec.

Painting Images For Fun (and Profit?)

paint demo

This demonstrates a technique that turns images into what looks like paintings. The application for this is intra prediction and deringing filtering for the Daala video codec. Because of complexity issues, it was never adopted in Daala, but inspired a new deringing filter that landed in Sep. 2015.

Microphone Arrays for Mobile Robots (Ph.D project)

Startacus attending the 2005 AAAI conference

AAAI2005 demo

This shows the Spartacus robot participating in the 2005 AAAI challenge. Spartacus includes noise-robust sound localization and separation capabilities.

Sound localization demo

localization demo

In this video, the robot is controlled only by sound localization. It turns towards the sound source that has been present for the longest amount of time and moves towards it.

Older sound localization movie (IROS 2003)

IROS2003 demo

This shows localization capabilities using an array of 8  microphones mounted at the vertices of an empty cube. This video was presented at IROS 2003.

Sound Source Separation demo

separation demo

This is an example of separating 3 simultaneous sound sources using an array of 8 microphones.